Centennial Concert Hall — Winnipeg


Phone: 204.956.1360


The Centennial Concert Hall is Manitoba’s premier performing arts facility. The Honorable Duff Roblin P.C. and Maitland B. Steinkopf MBE, QC formed the concept of a Manitoba Centennial Centre in 1960 to commemorate Canada’s centenary and initiate a broad scheme of urban renewal in Winnipeg’s Point Douglas Area.

The Manitoba Centennial Centre welcomes all Manitobans and visitors to Winnipeg to a world-class facility for arts, entertainment and cultural events.  In addition to providing facilities for several permanent arts and cultural organizations, the Centennial Concert Hall attracts international and high-profile performances that will appeal to Manitobans.  Our vision is multi-layered and inclusive:  the Board and management of the Centre also encourage use of its practice and performance facilities by community groups.